Among the many stunningly rendered scenes in America's finest cinematic achievement to date, the 2006 remake of the film The Wicker Man, is the moment in which Nicolas Cage meets the bees. A wire basket is placed over his head, and the bees are poured in, falling in heavy clumps down the funnel before hurling themselves enthusiastically into Cage's screaming face. "NOT THE BEES," Cage wails, followed by "MY EYES! MY EYES!," followed by choked gurgles. Let's watch the scene together:

I'm telling you all this because if you suffer from allergies, today will be your bee bonnet. If you've opened your eyes, you've already felt the powerful, hay-fever specific itch that crept through your open window while you were sleeping. You will cling to your eyes and you will scream in your cubicle, but no one in your office will notice or mind because they will be screaming too.

Today's pollen levels will be "very high," and tomorrow will be just as bad. What can you do? Indulge in your favorite antihistamine, for one. You can also try a neti pot, visit your local steam room or hot shower, or put a cold compress over your bloodshot eyes. Studies have shown that eating foods high in omega-3s like salmon, flaxseed and edamame can reduce allergy-related inflammation. Or consider a dip in one of the city's many soothing rat reservoirs.

If all else fails, take solace that soon it will be...summer. Yay.