Can you hear me now?Soon, it will be more shocking for someone to have a land line: The Post looks at how many people are giving up land lines for the competitive rates and flexibility their cell phones offer. And now with the FCC allowing portability of home phone numbers to cells, land lines may become few and far between. Until the next blackout, that is.

Plus the Department of Education is trying to ban cellphones from city schools, saying, "Cell phones obviously can distract students from their studies, but they may also be - and in the past have been - used for inappropriate or dangerous purposes." Students and parents are up in arms - students for the obvious reasons and parents cite reachability during crises. [Gothamist on how students use (and abuse) cellphones and other technology.]

One Post reporter undergoes "cellphone sobriety": By day five, Alyssa Shelasky is hallucinating sending and receiving messages to her wedding caterers.