2006_07_elmo.jpgWe know a lot of things have changed at Sesame Street since it ruled our world completely. You know, there's this segment called Elmo's World that focuses on the breakout monster Elmo, his goldfish Dorothy, and things like rhyming in his apartment. But it's a different world when smack is being smuggled in boxs of "Sing with Elmo" (an Elmo Boom Box!). The Bronx DA's office announced that authorities had busted a drug ring smuggling heroin, cocaine, and marijuana across the country. The drugs originated from Puerto Rico, and 103 grams of black tar heroin was found in a "Sing with Elmo" box that was shipped via UPS.

Other ways drugs have been smuggled into the city: As flip-flops, in couches, turned into furniture, as bling and in puppies.