Today (October 14) is your last chance to register to vote in November's election here in New York State. We have one of the earliest registration deadlines in the country, which is terrible. We need in-person election-day registration, but that's its own battle.

If you haven't registered and are feeling lazy because "New York isn't a swing state," wake up and do your civic duty! (Please!)

Today's deadline is not just for the November election. It is also the deadline if you want to vote in the party primaries for the 2017 citywide elections—that means the mayoral election, as well as the races for comptroller and public advocate. (As you may know, the primary winner often walks to victory in the general election here in NYC, so primaries matter.)

You can register to vote online at the DMV website. That site is sometimes glitchy, but if it's not working for you, fear not! You can download a paper registration form here, and mail it in.

So try the DMV site now and if it's not working, print out the paper form, fill it out, stick it in an envelope (with a stamp) and drop it in your nearest mailbox before pickup. As long as the form is mailed before that pickup time, you're golden.

If for whatever reason you're not able to register online or get your paper registration form ready in time, there is one other way to exercise your franchise. The Board of Elections is holding in-person registrations tomorrow (October 15) at locations around the city between 1-9 p.m. You can look at the full list of registration locations here.

If you're not sure whether you're registered, you can check here.

Please register. It's really important. You will get a sticker when you vote. Sometimes, an election can literally come down to a single vote.