2008_10_bboe.jpgBucky from ANIMAL New York just emailed us about registering to vote in Brooklyn today:

I just went to 345 Adams Street [pictured] to register to vote. Today is the absolute last day for walk-ins. Yesterday was deadline for mail-in registration.

Anyway, an election worker actually told me that I was too late to register, she told me I missed the deadline. When I informed her that she was wrong she persisted. So I rode the elevator to the 4th floor and our mild argument continued until a supervisor asked what was going on. I told her about the woman who was giving wrong information (she had already walked through the employees only door).

The supervisor became very irate and reprimanded the woman over the PA system.

There are walk-in voter registration locations all over the city today until 9 p.m.: Here's a PDF of locations--the list of locations by borough, which include the borough offices, starts after page 2 (we just went to our local school, where registration is in full swing, to check). And here's more information from the NYC Board of Elections.