Speaking before the City Council gave a green light to the 15 Penn Plaza skyscraper plan, City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. told the NY Post, "I'm willing to vote based solely on the merits, but I just happen to be very happy that the merits are not on the side of the Empire State Building." Why is Vallone so anti-ESB? Well, he's still annoyed the Empire State Building wouldn't light up in honor of Mother Teresa tonight!

The Empire State Building's owner had complained that the 1200-foot proposed tower, which would be situated a few blocks away at Seventh Avenue between West 32nd and 33rd Streets, would ruin the city's skyline. Many city politicians have argued the project will help the city and Mayor Bloomberg pointed out the city doesn't apologize to other buildings for ruining their views with new development. Anyway, Vallone said, "I think karma's an interesting thing. We're not going to be able to look up and see the blue and white lights honoring Mother Teresa on her birthday, but years down the line we'll be able to see a beautiful new skyscraper which in my mind will always be Mother Teresa Tower."

Tonight there will be a rally outside the ESB about Mother Teresa. As for 15 Penn Plaza, the Post says the project would also involve "a $150 million transportation makeover that entails four new subway stations and a reconstruction of the underground Gimbels passage, which connects Penn Station and Herald Square."