Photograph by John Niedermeyer at nedward.org

With newspapers flying off newsstands and trucks--even being swiped from neighbors -- the NY Times will print another 50,000 copies of its post-election issue, according to Editor & Publisher.

Perhaps seeing the line of people outside the NY Times Building helped seal the decision--John Niedermeyer writes "there are a hundred or so people standing on line outside the Times headquarters, waiting for a fresh delivery of news, printed on dead trees." NYTimes.com design director Khoi Vinh has more photographs and says:

People working on that floor hadn’t noticed yet that the line was forming, and when they realized its purpose, a feeling of delight swept over the newsroom like the friendliest wildfire I’d ever seen. Reporters, editors, photographers, everyone started clapping, hooting and hollering that people still find the newspaper valuable enough to wait dozens of people deep in line for their chance to buy a copy.

The Washington Post is working on getting a special edition on stands by the afternoon and the Chicago Tribune and LA Times are also printing more copies.

Update: Sally Tomato tells us that the Times building "was paper-less until about an hour ago. The first delivery came in - they gave a bunch to the building and the rest they're selling outside on the street! There's a line down the block! And they'll only sell 1 per person at a time. If someone wants more, they have to stand in line again."