Gothamist was reading the Columbia Daily Spectator, trying to recapture our youth (we are getting OLD), when we stopped at this headline: "New Policy Will Hurt Columbia Fanbase." Forget what the new policy is... Gothamist was surprised that Columbia's sports team actually had fanbases. There are alumni, yes, but fans? In our day, Gothamist would call them "fellow students." Anyway, the new policy is that Columbia is not allowing tailgating at football games, and making the legal drinkers buy beer from a new designated concession area. Hey, anything to put more money into the endowment! Here's some advice from Gothamist: Become a part of your dorm's house committee, getting the funding and throw illicit parties in the basement.

The other article of note would be how the area bars in Morningside Heights are really cracking down on IDs after the police have raided establishments repeatedly. One Barnard sophomore says, "I’m afraid to go back to the bars...I feel like it’s part of the college experience that we’re missing out on." Well, you could always transfer to NYU, because if NYU is Las Vegas and Sodom, then Columbia is its Atlantic City and Gomorrah-lite. And at NYU, upperclassmen are upset that two dorms are becoming freshmen-only, limited the number of close-to-campus dorms. Well, that's what happens when you call "most of downtown" campus.