A corporate lawyer for Goldman Sachs thought he was making online overtures to a 15-year-old but it turned out it was just a sting, culminating in the 33-year-old being charged with "trying to disseminate indecent material to a minor" yesterday in a Westchester County court. According to the Daily News, Upper West Side resident—and married father of three— Todd Genger was apparently "caught in a sting operation aimed at perverts who solicit young girls for sex." Genger had allegedly been chatting with a 15-year-old girl—who turned out to be an investigator in the Westchester DA's office—since April and went to Westchester this week, in an attempt to do the deed. The News also reports that the DA's office said that Genger "admitted to participating in the online conversations about the intended tryst, which included 'specific explicit sexual acts.'" Genger was released without bail and faces up between 15 months and four years if convicted.