Apparently it's "John Edwards-Rielle Hunter" Day. Besides Hunter's extensive interview with GQ, there's more dirt to spill on the one-time presidential contender. The Daily Beast's Diane Dimond writes the blog "can now describe the video in detail, based on accounts from multiple people who have viewed it." And what's more, "based on the swollen state of [Hunter's] belly and nipples," the tape appears to have been filmed in October 2007, "smack in the middle of Edwards campaign for the presidency."

Here's the description—warning, it's pretty detailed:

On the video, both participants are naked. Hunter is propped up against the hotel bed headboard, with John Edwards belly-down on the bed between her legs. As Hunter, the campaign's official videographer, holds the camera, a smiling Edwards performs oral sex. Because of the camera angle, Hunter's face is not visible, but her distinctive jewelry is. Not only does candidate Edwards know he's being filmed, one source says, he's also clowning around and 'graphically performing for the camera.'

Edwards' former aide, Andrew Young, who once claimed he fathered Hunter's baby as a way to shield his boss, says he came into possession of the tape when Hunter carelessly abandoned the videotape and other items at [Young's] home in North Carolina"