You might remember back in May when the Taxi & Limousine Commission threatened the public with three new pilot programs that would reduce congestion by packing more fares into fewer cars. Well, unlike most pilot programs, it appears this one is actually happening, and as soon as next month. TLC announced Thursday that they will be setting up three locations where two or more riders and/or strangers can hop into a single cab for a discounted fare—and possibly a missed connection.

The planned locations where strangers would board the same taxi are 57th Stret and Eighth Avenue, 72nd Street and Third Avenue, and 72nd Street and Columbus Avenue, with all routes will proceeding down Park Avenue to 42nd Street. And the Post reports: "From 10:30 to 11:30 p.m., a taxi stand on West 44th Street will send showgoers off to a yet-to-be-determined area rife with restaurants and bars. And for a $20 flat fee, one will be able to ride from the Marine Air Terminal at La Guardia to Midtown."

According to the Daily News: "Passengers will be allowed to exit cabs at any point along the way. Prices will be $3 for the 57th St. stand and $4 for the uptown locations - up to 50% less than meter fares." Plans are now being finalized and will be officially voted on at TLC's December meeting. Upper East Siders have already taken to this cab sharing concept, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out when strangers from different neighborhoods squeeze in together.