Due to a licensing loophole in fine regulations, the Taxi & Limousine Commission has failed to collect on over $11 million in driver fines from the past six years. Of the $23.2 million in issued summonses since 2004, the TLC has collected just $11.9 million, and officials told the Post at least $5.75 million is owed by unlicensed drivers. However, the TLC doesn't have the authority to pursue payment once a driver turns in or loses their license.

Though the TLC can revoke licenses if drivers don't pay up, there's little they can do if repeat offenders decide to quit. TLC Commissioner David Yassky said, "We have not had the authority to go after these debtors in the full way we'd like to," but that the TLC is looking to amend the state law.

The biggest offender is Pegasus Car Service, which owes $36,585. But the company dissolved in 2002, leaving the TLC unable to collect payment. Livery cab driver Issa Bah owes over $16,000, but recently moved back to Africa, and 19 other drivers and companies owe over $10,000 each. Maybe that $.50 surcharge can help cover the costs?