After learning that the city was paying around $172 a ride for a pilot program that let people in wheelchairs call for yellow cabs, the Daily News reports that the TLC may be looking to outsource the control of their 240 accessible yellow cabs and two dozen accessible vans. The TLC says, "We believe such a dispatch system is an achievable goal that would materially improve transportation options for wheelchair users in lieu of a fully wheelchair-accessible taxicab fleet."

Even though the city says that making the whole fleet wheelchair-accessible is a goal of the Taxi of Tomorrow program, just one of the three final designs is accessible. Assemblyman Micah Kellner argues that the dispatch system is just confuses the issue, saying, "Yellow cabs and for-hire vehicles are apples and oranges. Commingling them in a single dispatch system won't work and it won't make anyone happy, not the taxi industry, not the for-hire industry, and, most importantly, not people with disabilities." Would it piss off Access-A-Ride? Because we'd be fine with that.