Something interesting has happened to New York's cabbies: People seem to like them more. A lot more. Since 2008 the number of discourtesy complaints about drivers has dropped an impressive 53 percent, according to the TLC. And at the same time the number of driver commendations has gone up 41 percent!

In 2008 the TLC logged 5,087 complaints about discourteous drivers. Last year only 2,403 such complaints were made, down from 2,561 complaints in 2011 and 3,537 in 2010. According to a TLC spokesman, "discourteous" complaints, the most common type of complaint reported, can be anything from rude comments to refusing to turn down the radio.

What is really nice though is that at the same time as complaints were dropping the number of driver commendations (which you can make right here) have been booming. In 2008 492 hacks received accolades from their fares while in 2012 695 drivers were praised. The only recent year with more commendations was 2010 when 744 drivers got a nod.

All of which makes us want to watch that documentary about NYC cabbies, Drivers Wanted, again!