New TLC chairman David Yassky has a lot on his plate, but one thing he says he's committing to is making sure yellow cabs have an equal presence all around the city—not just Manhattan. The former City Councilman told CityRoom, "Having represented for eight years a district in Brooklyn, I know many residents in the city, particularly outside the core business district of Manhattan and nearby neighborhoods, feel yellow cab service is concentrated there. In fact, it is.” A recent study shined light on taxi trips, showing that Penn Station is the most popular place to catch a cab, Wednesday has the highest taxi traffic, and the biggest pickup spot on the weekends is the Meatpacking District. So for those of you who complained the map only showed Manhattan, you're right!

Mr. Yassky said at his confirmation hearing that he vows to “ensure the industry serves all parts of the city effectively," using GPS data and the iPhone app CabSense to improve TLC planning. He is also committing to resolve the recent overcharging scandal, where hundreds of cabbies wrongly charged passengers out-of-town rates. Many cab drivers then demanded an apology from former TLC boss Matthew Daus after he accused over 35,000 cab drivers of wrongfully charging customers, even though the real number was much lower.

Though Taxi Workers Alliance member William Lindauer insists Yassky "starts off with a tabula rasa," he could easily become as hated as Daus. Steve Cuozzo certainly had some harsh words for Daus in his Op-Ed today. "How could you have been in charge of the TLC for 14 years and be so clueless about what goes on inside a cab?...We'll see whether Yassky has the guts to stand up to drivers—or is just as yellow as Daus."