A taxi fare hike of 16 to 20 percent is looking increasingly likely. Monday's surprise announcement that the TLC would be looking into a hike, just 76 days after they said they wouldn't, not only seems to have the full support of the Mayor, but it also has the backing of TLC chair David Yassky.

Yesterday Yassky told a City Council committee that he thinks "the proposals to increase the fare are appropriate," especially since the price of gas has gone up a whopping 45 percent since the last fare increase in 2006. Also? If there is a hike, expect it to not only hit yellow cabs but those upcoming street-hail livery cabs, too. So don't expect cheaper cab rides just cause you caught one of those green guys in Queens.

HOWEVER! It isn't too late to do your civic duty as a red-blooded American and complain loudly and wildly about the TLC even thinking about raising the price of your cab ride. A public hearing will be held on the 31st to discuss the hikes. Go and let your voice be heard! After listening attentively to your input and subsequently ignoring it, the TLC could implement the fare hike as early as July.