Have you ever fantasized about having your own chauffeur? Perhaps a short man in a suit and black cap who opens doors for you, and amuses you with tales of bad clients past? Well now you may get a little itsy bit closer to that fantasy: the Taxi and Limousine Commission have announced that they plan to issue a new dress code for taxi drivers, requiring them to "present a professional appearance."

Hard as it is to believe, there actually is a dress code in place for cab drivers currently. In the rules, it has bizarrely specific no-no's for drivers, including no tube shirts, no tank tops, and no bathing trunks. Drivers face fines of $25 for not following it, but we trust that the law has almost never been enforced; according to the Times, the taxi commission has issued only 42 dress code violations to drivers since 1996, or about three per year.

While TLC head David Yassky admits there are more pressing concerns for policing cabbies, he still believes more professionalism would be positive for the industry: “Proper dress is not something that we can enforce very easily. Nonetheless, we want to communicate to drivers that there is a standard of behavior, and that’s what the rule should get across.” So while we may not see drivers with tuxedos anytime soon, you may soon begin to see them in sensible sweaters and button down shirts. At present time, it's unclear whether the rules will apply to Mr. Softee's taxi service.