TivoAccording a Times article, TiVo plans to begin selling reports about its customers' viewing habits. In retrospect, this development was inevitable; Gothamist is surprised it even took this long. TiVo would probably argue that by selling out its customers' viewing habits, it will actually improve the quality of the television programming that they recieve. But that sure sounds like Darth Vader logic to us- reasoning that could only be produced by the dark side of the force.

The market for TiVo's data is going to be huge - even though TiVo households still number less than a million, the information produced by the devices is extremely granular. It can answer questions advertisers and programming executives have been obsessing about for years, by recording when viewers hit the pause, fast forward, and rewind buttons on their TiVo remotes. So soon executives will know which of the friends on Friends is the most popular, and which ones should be killed off immediately.

In related TiVo news, Ari Fleisher apparently uses his TiVo to control the world. [Via Anil]