While electric shocks reaching through the sidewalk pavement can happen during any season — a Post reporter's dog died in June 2007, another shocked in August — most incidents take place during the winter months. This is because wet and salt-covered sidewalks can conduct stray electricity from underground utilities.

Yesterday morning 80-year-old Matthew Voto asked a friend to take his 7-year-old dog Princess for a walk in his East Williamsburg neighborhood, and the poor pup was shocked right there on the sidewalk of 335 Union Avenue. Voto said his friend "ran up, he said your dog got sort of electrocuted, something went wrong." Princess survived her shock, but many dogs in the past haven't been as lucky — and in 2004 Jodie Lane died from her encounter with stray voltage in the East Village.

Con Ed said the landlord was to blame for the faulty wiring, according to WCBS — and the meter showed 60 volts of electricity coming through the sidewalk. The source was a botched security light installment job in the basement of the building. Turns out another dog had been shocked in the same spot on Sunday! Humans: buy your dogs booties, or at least Musher's Secret.