Even before Thanksgiving, stands full of beautiful Christmas trees started springing up on streets, beckoning even the Scroogiest of Grinches to bring a Douglas fir home.

But there is always sticker shock, and the Daily News reports there are some $400 trees for sale this season. The News found a 12-foot $400 Canadian balsam at the Chambers and Greenwich lot, where the manager, Scott Gartland, explained that his prices were steady, given the cost to bring trees from Canada and the strength of the Canadian dollar.

Naturally, the more beautiful the tree, the more pricey it is. When we bought our Christmas tree last year (from the Chambers and Greenwich lot, as it were), we ended up shelling out $90 for a handsome 6 foot tree. It was a lot more than what we wanted to pay (maybe it was a Tribeca-priced tree), but amortized over the four weeks we kept it, it was worth it. And we have to agree with Kevin Cruse who told the Daily News, "If you can fit a 12-foot tree in your apartment, you can afford it."

And last year, you helped us with our Christmas Tree map.


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