More details have emerged about the freak accidental death from an East Village tire swing. Now it turns out the swing was empty when the man was struck.

Aleim Perkins, 39, had been at the Tompkins Square Park playground with his niece on Monday afternoon. According to the Daily News, "while the girl was playing, he began swinging an empty tire swing, cops said. The swing smacked the Harlem man in the face, knocking him unconscious and causing bleeding from the mouth, police said."

The NY Times reports that bystanders said that Perkins "appeared to be shadowboxing with the swing when it hit him in the face."

A nanny told DNAinfo that she saw Perkins pushing some older children on the swing, "He swung them like crazy. One of the kids was falling, saying ‘stop, stop.’" When the kids got off, Perkins continued to push the tire very hard and she could hear the beam holding the swing creaking, "It was like flying."

A witness, Ori Carino, told the News, "I don’t know if you’ve ever seen someone totally knocked out from a punch, but that’s what it was like."