Merrie Harris, global business director at ad agency JWT, was chatting with her cigarette-smoking friend outside La Esquina the other night when a beggar approached, asking for money to buy a bottle of Vitaminwater. According to an "Exclusive" report in the NY Post, Harris told the man, "I don't [have cash]—I only have my credit card." To which he replied, "Would it be OK if I borrow it?" As you know from reading the headline, Harris said yes and handed over her American Express card. Why not?

Harris tells the Post, "He said, 'Is it OK if I get a pack of cigarettes, too?' I said, 'Sure.' Everybody... said they thought that was the dumbest thing, that there's a fine line between charity and stupidity." And after ten minutes passed, Harris began to doubt herself, but went back down into La Esquina for more drinks, to be purchased, presumably, with one of her other credit cards. But soon enough she was informed that the panhandler with a heart of gold had returned with her plastic! But is it any surprise this happened at La Esquina, a nightclub synonymous with charity and human kindness?

"This guy just seemed totally trustworthy," she says. "He was very specific about what he wanted. I gave him a hug. I said, 'I knew you were coming back.' He said, 'Of course. I'm a honest person.'" Us, too! Harris, if you're reading this, is it okay if we borrow your AmEx for like ten minutes?