Not only is there no sex in the champagne room, apparently tips from the champagne room aren't all going to strippers! A former bartender at Scores is suing the pleasure palace chain, claiming that management stiffed employees of their rightful tips.

Siri Diaz claims that when Scores customers use "Diamond Dollars," the club's payment plan, to pay for dances and drinks as well as tips for strippers, servers, and bartenders, management wouldn't give the workers their fair share. The club charges a 20% fee for every $100 in Diamond Dollars purchased; when workers redeem their Diamond Dollars tips, the club keeps 10%. Additionally, she adds that Scores doesn't pay minimum wage, overtime and makes the staff pay for their own clothing.

Her lawyer Justin Swartz said, "There is so much money flying around. It seems like a money grab for Scores to take tips away from the workers who contribute so much to the club's success."

Scores hasn't seen the lawsuit yet, and reaction at the club was mixed. One dancer told the Daily News that they don't get paid as much as they should, while another said, "I don't think it's unfair. We're independent contractors. If a girl doesn't like it, she can go somewhere else." And one said, "I had no idea it was happening. I thought they were taking out taxes and stuff like that,"