The police say the suspect in the robbery of an elderly woman in a Chinatown apartment building has been arrested. The NYPD identifies the suspect as Clemente Rivera, 43, and says he was charged with burglary and robbery.

Last Sunday, an 85-year-old woman got into her building's elevator, where the suspect already was. He got out of the elevator before her and when she entered her apartment, he shoved her to the floor and took some items from her home.

The victim's daughter told WCBS 2 that "her mother pulled out $40 to give the suspect. But instead of the cash, the alleged thug grabbed Medicaid documents from a drawer and made a hasty escape, police said." The daughter added, "She’s feeling very scared and confused."

Police received a tip and found Rivera at 651 West 168th Street, the Fort Washington Armory, where they arrested him without incident.