Now, maybe taxi driver Barun Ghosh was right not to pick up Carlos Sanchez: Drag queen Sanchez beat Ghosh with his high-heel shoe 32 times when Ghosh refused to pick him up. Ghosh has been at St. Vincent's ICU since the February 21 incident, and is semi-paralyzed. Ghosh was off-duty when Sanchez beat him at Seventh Avenue and Christopher Street. The manager of the hotel where Sanchez had been staying told the Daily News. "Carlos was always a nice and quiet girl, guy, whatever." The DN also emphasizes that Sanchez is 5'2" and has a long history of assault (32 arrests). Being a cab driver in the city is one of the most dangerous professions, which might be why some are a little crazy. But most often, they are generally very nice and interested in getting you to your next destination stat.