2007_11_marryme.jpgBooks, or at least book shelves, must be on this couple's wedding registry: The Post has a cute story about a couple whose engagement took place at the Strand Bookstore. Joshua Reich and Shianling King "always told friends they met at the Strand," but they actually met online - their first date was supposed to be at the Museum of Modern Art, but the lines were so long that they went to the Strand instead. Anyway, last week, Reich, who arranged with the Strand staff to have a few books embossed with the words, "Shianling," "Will," "You," "Marry," "Me?" placed on shelves, brought his girlfriend to the third floor rare book section and popped the question.

Now, onto this week's NY Times wedding announcements:

  • There are 37 weddings, plus the vows column.
  • There are 18 photographs of the couples.
  • The youngest bride is 25 (there are many 25-year-olds), the oldest is 63.
  • The youngest groom is 25 (there are also many 25-year-old grooms), the oldest is 66.
  • The Vows column groom has a cool last name.
  • One groom is the son of a billionaire financier.
  • One bride is a soprano.
  • One groom is "planner for women’s contemporary denim at Bloomindale’s."
  • One bride is an assistant rabbi at Congregation Rodeph Sholom; the senior rabbi at Rodeph Sholom officiated.
  • One bride works at the Brooklyn Public Library as coordinator of preschool services; her groom is an archivist at the New York Public Library.
  • One couple met while admiring a vintage poster for the movie Casablanca at the MoMA - they now have a business selling movie memorabilia.

Photograph from this year's Deitch Art Parade by mattcarman on Flickr