Times Square brings out the worst in people, whether you're a costume crimefighter, a McDonald's patron, Weed Man, the Statue of Liberty, or Shia LaBeouf. The bleakness of Times Square has even wormed its way into the hearts of tour bus ticket sellers: one such ticket hawker is suing a fellow rival for allegedly stabbing him in a dispute over territory, because despite appearances and statistics, apparently there are never enough tourists to go around.

The Post reports that 54-year-old CitySights NY bus tour worker Al Mamann was selling tickets on the corner of Eighth Avenue and 42nd Street in August 2013 when rival Skyline Sightseeing seller Romeo Marishaw, 27, confronted him, saying he was on his turf. The two men got into a very heated argument: "He came behind me and stabbed me from behind," Mamann claims. "I grabbed my face, and there was blood all over my body, and when he saw the blood, he tried to run away."

Mamann, who is suing Marishaw and Skyline for $5 million, says his rival used a pen to puncture his cheek; the pen got into his mouth and knocked out two teeth, leaving a wound that required 14 stitches. Marishaw had been arrested and charged with assault in the incident; he was also arrested for allegedly punching and breaking the jaw of another rival worker a month before that. Both cases are pending, and Marishaw is still working for the company.

"That’s definitely not what happened," Marishaw told the Post in his defense. He claims Mamann purposefully encroached upon his selling area, and intentionally bumped into him twice. "After the second time, I punched him. I assaulted a man. I’m not disputing the incident, not at all, but there was no stabbing going on," Marishaw said. "This bus company stuff is very territorial. One of their tactics is to send someone in front of our bus stop. They sent him to cause a little ruckus. They try to get you frustrated. I was completely provoked."

No word on whether Predator or Alien will be called upon to act as character witnesses.

Screen shot (via Daily News)