Investigators believe that the gun used by a rapper and CD peddler who was killed after opening fire at police in Times Square might be tied to an interstate smuggling ring.

Police are trying to determine how the MAC-10-style pistol that Raymond "Ready" Martinez fired at a police officer made its way to New York, according to the Daily News. The weapon was purchased in October by Virginia resident Jordan Kelsey-Stewart from a gun dealer outside of Richmond and reported stolen 10 days later. "Whether or not that is a legitimate theft is a matter that's being investigated," said Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly. "We do see a pattern of people buying guns and then reporting them stolen. That may in fact be a method used here, as far as a straw purchase is concerned," he added, referring to a common strategy used at out of state gun shops in which a the buyer brings a friend to fill out federal forms and pass background checks. Kelsey-Stewart — who has a lengthy criminal record and some ties to New York, according to the tabloid — could face questioning by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.

Martinez, a 25-year-old Bronx resident, opened fire on Sgt. Christopher Newsom last week after the officer attempted to question him about trying to scam tourists into buying his CDs. The street peddler fired several rounds before his gun jammed because he was holding it sideways. According to the Post, other CD venders have returned to Times Square following the shootout — but rapper Kawan Tucker say police are discriminating against them. "They're treating everyone like we're all one person," said Tucker, who raps under the name "King Tuck," and wears a black beanie with the words "I am king" on the side. "I don't understand what we're doing wrong."