Have you ever noticed the mosaic map of New York City at the police station in the middle of Times Square? Beehivehairdresser did, and though they thought it was a beautiful mosaic, they observed something peculiar about the map: it was completely mislabeled.

They write: "Staten Island is labeled by its county name: Richmond, as is Queens and the Bronx, with Queens and the Bronx also being their borough names. However, Brooklyn and Manhattan are labeled by their respective borough names — not their county names of Kings (Brooklyn) and New York (Manhattan)." We think we get it: calling it Richmond dissociates the city from the stigma of Staten Island!

They suggest that perhaps the artist had never set foot in NYC before, but we have a different theory: since it's in Times Square, maybe it's meant to reflect a tourists perspective of the city, the kind of tourist who thinks that going to Bubba-Gumps is the quintessential NYC experience.