2005_08_pepsmus.jpgThe long vacant One Times Square may find a tenant in Pepsi. The Post reports that Pepsi is negotiating to take over the space, which once housed a Warner Bros. Store (remember when those were all the rage - the one on Fifth Avenue and 57th, with clear elevator and Batman or Superman "carrying" the elevator up), with a strategy to make it a Pepsi brand museum. Gothamist can only chalk that up to museum envy, as Coca Cola has the World of Coke in Atlanta - and no one really wants to go to Purchase, NY to visit a Pepsi Museum. Hell, Gothamist doubts anyone really wants to visit a Pepsi Museum in Times Square unless there is footage of Michael Jackson getting burned during a filming of one of the commercials. And a wax Bob Dole would be funny. And non stop Pepsi challenges. Oh, we surrender, Gothamist is into the idea of a consumerist shrine to caffeinated beverages. Since, Parent company Pepsico also owns Frito Lay, Quaker Oats and Gatorade, can we imagine Chester Cheetah dolls and Quaker Oats dude powdered wigs? Customize your own flavor of Doritos stations?