2005_03_timtompkins.jpgIn today's NY Times article about improving Times Square for residents, there is an incredible quote from Times Square Alliance director Tim Tompkins (left):

"We used to focus on fewer whores. Now we are focused on more stores."

Now that is a slogan, though not necessarily one that will bring in more business of a certain kind. The Times Square Alliance is pitching companies to open shop mostly west of Times Square, along Eighth and Ninth Avenues, because there are a lack of core stores that residents need. However, some businesses are wary of bringing their shops to Times Square; a real estate brokerage representative said, "Who wants to shop where you get caught in that slow-moving crowd from out of town?" Or that slow-moving crowd from town but it moves slow because of the sidewalk barriers? Which makes Gothamist wonder if Times Square will become a true residential neighborhood, versus a tourist or after-work one. What do you think?

Times Square is the center of many things, especially advertising. Check out the Times Square Alliance's guide to advertising. And here's what happening in the area. Plus, we saw on the local news that this weekend was the first time the TKTS screen had a wedding proposal (she accepted).