Last night, Seventh Avenue between 42nd and 48th Streets was closed so the Fire Department could attend to a hazmat situation at 1515 Broadway, better known as the Viacom building where MTV, VH1 and other subsidiaries are housed. Why? Because building workers spilled 10 gallons of hydrogen peroxide on the top floor.

The spill was accidental—it seems that a machine the workers were using malfunctioned. The workers refused medical attention after being decontaminated. WCBS 2 reports that dozens of emergency vehicles were at the scene, but just as a precaution. Which brought up the typical mixed reactions from tourists: "I figured if there was something really wrong, obviously they would make sure we weren’t around. [We’re] just watching them do their job and do it well," said one woman from Idaho, while a Connecticut resident said, “Of course I’m concerned. What’s going on here? Because we know something happened here a few months back."