The rapper and street peddler who was gunned down by cops in Times Square had a brush with fame last year when he defeated Kanye West on an MTV trivia show.

Raymond "Ready" Martinez — who was shot and killed after opening fire on an officer who thought he was scamming tourists — was chosen off the street to take on Kanye in the hip hop game show "Hood Fab" in 2008, according to the Post. In the game Martinez couldn't identify a lyric from the Slick Rick’s classic "Children’s Story," or remember the Tribe Called Quest song "I Left My Wallet in El Segundo." But he managed to defeat West — who had correctly answered prompts about legendary hip hop figures like Diamond D and Jeru the Damaja — by correctly IDing all of the artists who performed on DJ Khaled's "We Taking Over."

Martinez won a pair of tube socks and a gift certificate to Foot Locker and Kanye, for his part, looked a little bitter after the loss.

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Meanwhile DNAinfo looks into the digital papertrail left behind by the 25-year-old Bronx native. Photos on the MySpace page of his group, Square Free, depict Martinez hawking CDs and posing with customers and passersby (including Rev. Al Sharpton, GZA, Ed Lover, and Sway) just blocks from breezeway of the Marriott Marquee, where he was gunned down after his gun jammed because he held it sideways. YouTube videos show him freestyling. Friends tell the website that when he wasn't recording music and selling CDs, Martinez worked as a pimp, "sometimes with as many as 10 prostitutes in his employ."