It's countdown time to the biggest event in Times Square: The New Year's Eve festivities. Now, Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly have been talking about how security will be very tight, the NYPD will be patroling from the air and sea, as well as having undercover cops on foot, but Gothamist is a little distressed that in bragging about how great the security will be, the City and NYPD have revealed that the "nerve center" police operations will be on the 8th floor of One Police Plaza. Anyway, along with bomb sniffing dogs, the Hercules units of police officers stationed in Times Square will have new detectors that are able to sense chemicals; however, the Mayor recommends that people don't bring bags and backpacks, since they'll be checked and possibly confisticated. Plus, the police helicopters have "high-definition cameras" that will beam "real-time images to monitors on the ground. The helicopter also has an infrared device, capable of tracking people in the dark by their body heat." The NY Times reported this was technology used during the Republican National Convention; Gothamist is glad that the city is getting some extra use out of that security equipment and isn't resorting to borrowing metal detectors from public schools like they did last year...unless they are and just aren't telling us about it!

Times Square will be closed to vehicles tomorrow starting at 4PM. Basically, the viewing sections start fillingn up starting at 43rd Street, moving up Broadway and Seventh Avenue all the way to Central Park. For more information about security in Times Square on New Year's, here's the official press release. And for more information about getting your party on in Times Square, check out what the Times Square Bid says.