Project Billboard and Clear Channel have settled the fracas surrounding PB's proposed anti-war billboard (the one with a bomb, left): Project Billboard gets space on the Conde Nast building for the same billboard, but with a dove instead, plus space on the W Hotel (Broadway & 47th Street) for an electronic ticker that shows the "Total Cost of Iraq War" for the U.S. - both for the price of one board; Clear Channel gets to put an end to this matter. The NY Times writes that the whole matter was embarassing for Clear Channel, and Gothamist thinks that's a good change of pace, from Clear Channel just getting fat and rich by charging the wazoo out of concert-goers.

Clear Channel said it was "happy to help to help Project Billobard get their message to the more than 1.5 million people who pass through Times Square each day." To see some of the 1.5 million, check out these Earth Cams of Times Square.