News Flash: Times Square is a destination for New Year's Eve!! Okay, so that's not news, but Priceline.com released a report (based on their sales figures) that puts Times Square back on top as the #1 place for New Years Eve bookings. Since 2001, Times Square has not been the top seller on Priceline, but has been topped by Las Vegas as the place to celebrate the new year. Good news for those headed to Times Square, the weather Friday seems to be rather mild (less need for boozing to stay warm).

Gothamist has always been wary of going to Times Square because where do you pee?!? That and we're not sure we could deal with those insane crowds of people wearing glasses of the year to come and all those out of towners fresh from a viewing of the tree in Rockefeller Center. We're usually just sitting at home or spending time at with our friends at a low key party.

What are your plans for New Year's Eve?