Part of Times Square is closed earlier tonight due a Nissan Pathfinder, parked on West 45th Street near 7th Avenue, that was apparently smoking. WCBS 2 reports, "As a precaution, the bomb squad was brought to the scene and was using a robot to inspect the package. Sources say the robot got up close to the package but that its inspection was inconclusive. Bomb squad personnel then suited up and went in." However, witnesses tell WABC 7 they heard an explosion and saw smoke between 6 and 6:30 p.m., "It was a boom and a puff of smoke," while a firefighter said, "The SUV was smoking. There was a flash and we put two and two together" which then led to an evacuation.

Broadway between 43rd and 46th Streets is closed, and reports say that the NYPD was possibly starting to close 47th Street. Reuters reporters at the scene heard an explosion at 9:15 p.m.; NBC New York described that explosion as a "controlled explosion" (the NYPD bomb squad is on the scene and used its robots to investigate the vehicle). NBC New York also said the contents found in the SUV included propane tanks, tanks of gasoline, black powder, and perhaps a timer and called it an improvised explosive device. The SUV's Connecticut license plates trace back to a Ford.

Some theatergoers to plays and musicals, such as The Lion King, were unable to make the performance. Two out-of-towners told the NY Times that they couldn't go to see Next to Normal but added, "It’s a whole different kind of show. It’s almost the equivalent of a $150 show." A tourist from San Diego who missed seeing Mary Poppins was reasonable about the situation when talking to the Post, "This really sucks, but the NYPD doesn’t want to take any chances. The tourists are the ones who are mad, and the New Yorkers are the ones who just seem to be going around and not bothered by it... As long as I’m safe and not blown to pieces, I’m OK with it." According to the Wall Street Journal, The Lion King's performance was cancelled; God of Carnage and a Behanding in Spokane both started 30 minutes late; and a performance of Fela!—attended by Oprah Winfrey—was uninterrupted.

Police spokesman Paul Browne said there was an unconfirmed report of someone running from the vehicle. The investigation continues; Times Square remains closed and some subway entrances may be temporarily closed.

Back on December 30 of last year, Times Square was shut down due to a suspicious white vehicle that had been parked for days with a fake parking placard. It turned out that the van just contained clothes.