According to the AP

, police officers raided the circulation offices of the NY Times, Daily News, NY Post, and El Diario today "as part of a union corruption probe... Investigators were seeking paperwork related to the Newspaper and Mail Deliverers Union, which packages and delivers newspapers across the region."

The union didn't respond to the AP's calls, while the "news deliverers' parent union, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, referred inquiries to the local union." The Times said that while a printing plant employee's office in Queens was searched it said "that its news side was not part of the investigation," while El Diario said it the search warrant was only for allegations of corruption at the union—and its newspaper wasn't the target. "The Daily News and Post declined to comment on the raids or whether their news operations were involved in the investigation."

The AP points out that Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau once noted that the union was under the thumb of the mob, "The mob has been in control so long that it will take a special master with special powers to clean up the union."