2005_05_nytimesguide.jpgThere's nothing like a classic con, and when you've got an 83 year-old mark and a con woman with a "darling little boy," it only gets better when it turns out that the mark is one of the New York Times Sulzbergers. Of course, the NY Post has the scoop: Jean Sulzberger was walking down Lexington Avenue when a woman with a small child approached her. Sulzberger described, "She said, "Oh, years ago, you gave me money, and I'm so lucky to have run into you.' Then she started her story — 'I had breast cancer, and I got kicked out of my house. We have no place to go.' It was so awful." The woman asked Sulzberger for a $4,000 and Sulzberger gave her a check. However, the 83 year-old misdated the check "2004" (she's 83, folks), so the bank wouldn't cash it and the woman came back to Sulzberger and asked for $5000 cash. Cash! And Sulzberg withdrew that amount from a bank teller, leading the teller to call the police. The police asked Sulzberger to help trap the woman, and Bonnie Demitro of the Bronx was charged with grand larceny. Sulzberger said, "Of course, I've learned my lesson. It's just so amazing that this thing happens all the time." So are we! Gothamist is glad we're not old ladies with bank accounts that can be prey to con people! But we know some not so old people who have been conned on the street - and we're not counting those three-card Monte tables.

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