Time magazine's graffiti billboard is completed (click on the image), and the Daily News happens to have quotes from City Councilman Peter Vallone of Queens, who is annoyed at the somewhat embattled magazine for seemingly endorsing graffiti, saying, "Time magazine should have spent its money rewarding legitimate artists, not some punk whose been defacing our city." Oh, Vallone is just bitter that the billboard is not in Queens but in SoHo! No, actually Vallone has been pretty vocal with his anti-graffiti views, but he's ignoring the fact that Time wants street cred. The News also reveals that Cope2 was paid $20,000 for the billboard, proving that tagging does pay off.

Gawker had marked the progress of the ad (week 1, week 2), and you can see the completed billboard in situ at AdRants. Time is thinking about auctioning off the billboard, with funds going to a non-profit; Gothamist expects it to be cut up when auctioned, because even though kids with the big Williamsburg lofts won't have enough room for this sucker. Also, expect to see this billboard in a full page print ad somewhere.