Editor-at-large of DIY indie zine Time Magazine Mark Halperin was back in his role as a MSNBC political analyst today on Morning Joe. It was the first time in a month that Halperin was on since his indefinite suspension for calling President Obama a "dick." The Daily News reports that the cast made no mention of Halperin's slip up, and that he was "subdued." But more interestingly, Pat Buchanan apologized for referring to President Obama as Al Sharpton's "boy" on Sharpton's program last night. "Some folks took what I said as some kind of slur. None was meant, none was intend, none was delivered," Buchanan said. How DARE anyone accuse a former Nixon staffer of racism.

Buchanan probably didn't intend for the remark to refer to Sharpton's skin color, but what is offensive is that he sounds even louder than usual. Breathe, Pat!