It seems that the haggard, hopeless customers of Time Warner Cabal Cable have put the lotion in the basket long enough to earn a reward: today the company announced that they are currently scheduling service appointments in one-hour time windows.

In addition to adopting the same innovative scheduling practices as dentists and barbers, TWC will now offer late-night appointments until 10 p.m.—11 p.m. in Lower and Midtown Manhattan. The company has also "tripled" the number of service appointments they make on Saturdays and Sundays, according to TWC spokesman Bobby Amirshahi.

"We're using a new tablet-based software with all our technicians in New York, so they can communicate with our base stations and route technicians where they're needed," Amirshahi said. "If a technician knows their appointment is going to run late, we can reroute the closest technician to pick up their slack for their next appointment." Customers will also receive texts when the technician is on the way.

The one-hour windows are currently available in Manhattan, Staten Island, Bergen County, NJ and Mt. Vernon, NY, and will be phased into Brooklyn and Queens by "mid-June."

But what about getting an appointment to fix or install your internet within an acceptable range of time? In the past we've been given appointments in another era, five to ten days in the Future.

"If not next-day, you should be able to make an appointment for the same week in most cases," Amirshahi says, adding that the one thing that's not changing is Time Warner's phone system, which should delight Kafka scholars everywhere.

However, TWC's Twitter is operated by up to nine people who try and address problems that get bogged down over the phone. "We have people combing the internet every day looking for Time Warner mentions and issues," Amirshahi says. "We often reach out to people first."