A schizophrenic man jumped to his death in the Time Warner Center atrium at Columbus Circle yesterday. Glenn Moosnick climbed over the railing on the fourth floor, jumped over, and fell 50 feet in front of the Williams-Sonoma store. Some shoppers thought a bomb had gone off, while others were screaming for 911, as Moosnick was still alive, "He looked alive [afterward]. He wasn't screaming or anything." He later died at the hospital. Moosnick's sister told the Post that he had been suffering from schizophrenia for many years, living at a home for a mentally ill in Midtown West.

The tabloids are noting there might be a curse at the TWC: A construction worker died during the construction and there was that fire that delayed Per Se's opening. Two other incidents we can think of: Falling debris and the unhappiness of chefs.