Christmas is really, truly, over. So maybe it is time you got that tree out of your apartment? You haven't watered it in weeks and honestly that thing is starting to look like a fire trap. But don't just toss it on the street, or hang it under the BQE or burn it in Washington Square Park. Mulch it! The city's living trees will appreciate having their dead comrades spread amongst them to keep them warm.

That's right, as we've mentioned before, this weekend is the city's annual MulchFest, in which the city will take your trees (without ornaments, tinsel and lights) and make lovely mulch for the city's many parks. And it isn't just us, and the city, asking you to mulch. Everyone's favorite GreeNYC mascot Birdie wants you to treecylce, too. Let him (her?) show you:

To participate in MulchFest just head to a designated city park on Saturday or Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.. There are locations in each borough! Bonus? Bring a bag with your tree and you can even take some mulch home with you.

And if you can't make it to the greatest mulching event of the year? Well, the Department of Sanitation will still pick up your trees to be mulched through Saturday. But don't do it for us. Do it for Birdie.