What was once the Native American's Wickquasgeck Trail through Manhattan is now Broadway, probably the most famous thoroughfare in all the land. Stretching north from Bowling Green all the way up to Westchester, it rambles even further as U.S. 9. Perhaps inspired by all that pavement's potential, one intrepid cyclist recently picked up the trail in the Bronx and pedaled all the way down to the bottom of Manhattan, filming the entire trip. Here's the kinetic time lapse video of the adventure—be sure to stay tuned for a "terrible idea" at the 2:44 mark.

For more street-level time lapse fun, here's that Frogger-esque video focusing on one chaotic intersection in Manhattan, where pedestrians gaily jaywalk, cyclists glibly run red lights, and motorists aggressively plow through crosswalks... and [SPOILER] somehow no one gets hurt.