2005_11_ny1fcst.jpgIt's been a few weeks since we've had a good steady rain. Given the amount of rain that fell last month we needed a break, but it is time again to wash the urine smell off our sidewalks. You wouldn't know it by the temperature, but a cold front pass through our region earlier today. The air behind the front is very dry, which has allowed us to get warm (thank you solar heating!). However, the front is going to reverse directions and come back at us tonight as a warm front. On the way back it will bring us some rain. The Weather Service is more certain of the rain than the Weather Channel. At the least it will be cloudy all day tomorrow.

The clouds will dampen our temperature fluctuations. It won't cool off much tonight, nor will it warm up much tomorrow. Oddly, NY1 calls tonight's predicted low of 48 chilly even though it will be closer to the normal max temperature., Given this fall's extreme warmth, that means tomorrow will only be five degrees above normal instead of today's twelve degrees above average. The warmth and rain continue through Wednesday, when a real cold front may grace us with a thunderstorm followed by much cooler air. Yeah, right. Given how this fall has progressed, Gothamist will beginning to believe that much cooler air may never arrive.