phillipe starck weather station from oregon scientificA little cool today but otherwise pleasant. Later in the week look for it to get slightly warmer, with seasonable highs in the mid-80s on the weekend. Republicans and a chance of rain enter the picture Sunday night.

Don't you think it is time you updated your clock? That "classy" wall clock you got from Crate and Barrel five years ago that looks like it belongs in a 1920s bank lobby? The banally artfully distressed station clock from Restoration Hardware? C'mon, it's 2004 and your apartment isn't a bank lobby or a station on the Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway! Time to get a new clock. A clock with 21st century sensibilities. More importantly, a clock that gives you current weather conditions.

While working late last night at Gothamist's headquarters in the upper reaches of the Empire State Building (or was it the Chrysler Building? We are never sure which building our driver takes us to…), Janelle, from Gothamist Arts and Events, burst into our office and proclaimed "Phillipe Starck weather station clocks!"

As reported in I.D. the designer Phillipe Starck is a weather geek. He has a large collection of weather stations and has now joined with Oregon Scientific to design his own line of weather stations. The beautifully designed stations come in three sizes and three different colors. Some models come with a digital AM/FM radio. The stations pack a large amount of information into a small space. In addition to time, which can be projected onto the ceiling by some models, you get temperature, humidity and pressure readings. If that is not enough the weather stations will also indicate date and moon phase. The alarm is not an annoying beeping, but a pleasant piano chord (perhaps not the best for waking up). The weather stations list from $75-325 each, and Gothamist has seen them for sale at the MoMA store in SoHo.