Finally, an update to the story from last year about the tiger that escaped from the Cole Bros. Circus in Queens and tried to run away. When the tiger bounded across the Jackie Robinson Expressway, one car stopped in order not to hit the white Bengal tiger, but that caused a three car pile-up. The drivers of the first car and third cars each filed a $10 million lawsuit against the circus and the city's Parks Department for letting the tiger run rampant. Quisorys Wanda Colon told the Post, "Everything was fine. "It was a nice day out. Suddenly, I saw this tiger a couple of lengths in front of my car, it was right in front of me." Colon's car was rearended, and she required backsurgery, plus a rib removal. And the other lawsuit was filed by an NYPD officer who has been disabled since the accident. Eek - and we thought that that there weren't too many accident from the incident, as it was cute to hear that the tiger was really tired from running around the highways back in the day.

It has been a real tiger news drought. The Bronx Zoo really needs to add a Tiger Cam to its Tiger Mountain exhibit.