As rumors swirl about Tiger Woods possibly buying (renting?) an apartment in Manhattan, his former fling, former NYC club hostess Rachel Uchitel was in Central Park this past weekend filming Celebrity Rehab. According to TMZ, she was mourning her fiance who died at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001: "Cameras were rolling last Thursday as Uchitel... sat down near a plaque dedicated to Andy O'Grady in New York's Central Park and read a letter she had written to honor his memory."

Uchitel was allegedly paid off by Woods (TMZ estimates it's around $8 million) not to divulge details of their affair and now she's taking advantage of her 15 minutes by appearing on the VH1 reality show. TMZ adds, "A source close to the production tells us Rachel then placed the note in a bottle and dropped it in the water."

As for Woods, the Daily News claims he carried boxes and golf clubs into a Hudson Street building—and petted" our pretty brunette source's pup" which is not a euphemism (we think). Curbed says the Hudson Street building could be the Printing House.