While it seemed like golf superstar Tiger Woods included everyone under the sun in his apology yesterday, some notables say they were left out. Like Playboy model and alleged call girl Loredana Jolie Ferriolo, who told the Post, "He didn't mention anything about the girls [he had trysts with]. It seems like he was just brushing it off and not getting into it. I think he should've mentioned something in regards to the girls -- an apology or something." Yeah, that would have gone over well with Elin!

One of them, porn star Veronica Siwik-Daniels told reporters, "He's so selfish. It's not about anybody but him. [His apology] doesn't feel like it was real," as, the Daily News reports, she "[wiped] tears from her false eyelashes." Siwik-Daniels, who claims that Woods made her give up her porn career (as Joslyn James) and that she became pregnant twice during their relationship, also told the News, "He needs therapy. I'm just not sure what kind of therapy that is."

Still, News columnist Mike Lupica is sort of on the same wavelength as Ferriolo and Siwik-Daniels, writing, "There is no way of knowing how much of this was real and honest from Tiger Woods because there never is with celebrities in trouble, who will say anything, tell any lie, to get themselves out of trouble." And the Post's Phil Mushnick says, "...The feel of yesterday's Tiger Woods session: difficult to endure, tough to listen to, tough to watch, hard to believe. It gave me the creeps." The NY Times' TV critic Alessandra Stanley found, "It was a remarkable two-fer: an open, vulnerable confession by a notoriously disciplined and self-contained professional athlete, and a highly expert and disciplined performance by a young golfer with little experience in show business or politics."

Dr. Drew Pinsky told MTV, "He was clearly upset and appeared rather depressed. He appeared remorseful and apologetic, but I walked away feeling something was very wrong." In the meantime, the paparazzi will continue to bug him and wife Elin and the area Buddhists are waiting for him.